The Nipple Strangler was a bacteria-based pathogen disease that first appeared in China. The disease gave one's nipples horrible cysts while strangling said nipples at the same time. It killed more than the Black Death, but was cured after almost two years. 

Overview Edit

The disease was bacteria based, and symptoms included: 

  • Painful cysts on the nipples
  • Painful pockets of infected flesh on the nipples, which spread the infection when popped
  • One's nipples being strangled 
  • Pneumonia
  • Sneezing
  • Nipples exploding 
  • Nipple tumors 
  • Insanity 
  • Total organ failure 

The disease was spread using birds, who could spread the infection as they migrate and fly to islands. It also evolved resistance to anti-biotics. It was more infectious than TB or even the common cold. It killed more that the Black Death. 

Stopping infection Edit

One way to stop spreading the disease was to stop Eskimo kissing with your nipples, and to wash said nipples. 

History Edit

The virus first appeared in China, slowly infecting thousands of people and evolving. It later spread to Kazakhstan and Australia. News started to break out about the disease, and about how it has infected more than "TB", and how a doctor in China discovered the disease during a checkup. Millions of Chinese citizens were infected. After London is infected, scientists in China begin to research the virus. Major contributors to the research were Korea and Afghanistan. To stop spread of the infection to both China and other countries, China shuts down their airports. Soon after this, the news confirms the very first death and sign of infection in Korea. It was later added to the World Health Organization's watchlist. The UK mobilises infectious disease teams. The disease was soon becoming a huge threat, as many countries were infected and people in Indonesia were dying more than being infected. The cure was only 29% done at this stage, and researchers all over the world were dedicated to making the cure. Germany begins to break down due to the virus. However, the cure was nearly done. Norway declares national emergency, and Russia falls into anarchy. Pakistan's and France's government falls, but the cure is nearly finished. China approves human experimentation, and humanity is nearly extinct. 

Thankfully, the cure is finally finished, and is spread worldwide while Africa also approves human experimentation. The virus is eradicated, and humanity survives and struggles to rebuild the chaos and death filled world. The plague had lasted for 720 days. 

Appearances Edit